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The Last Velvet Painter in Tijuana

For many years, Alfredo Rodriguez Ortiz – Argo – was among the throngs of velvet painters making a living in Tijuana painting Elvis, Marilyn, John Lennon and John Wayne.

Those were velvet’s glory days of the 1970s. Now interest in the art has fallen off considerably. He keeps at it. Painting Bob Marley and Tupak more than any others.

He’s now among the last velvet painters, and the only one, from what I can determine, who still knows how to paint Elvis Presley on velvet.

I hope you like the video.


January 14, 2017 · 3:34 pm

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photographer of the Year, Tijuana Velvet, and 6 Things Not To Do

Enrique Felix, velvet painter

As an amateur photographer struggling always to learn more, I’m forever in awe of those who do it majestically.

Hence it’s worth noting that…

The Photographer of the Year, just selected, is Sweden’s Paul Hansen.

(Above, I’ve posted a photo of my own — Enrique Felix, one of the last of Tijuana’s velvet painters.)

Meanwhile, for the rest of us, here’s a link to what not to do:

Six Bad Photography Habits to BreakĀ  — several of which I’ll own up to, standing still being a big one.

You gotta move….as the Rolling Stones once said.

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