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LOS ANGELES: In Praise of the 4 Bus

Took this off a Yelp entry….A young woman, name of Oiyan P. writes of why she likes the 4 bus, which heads out of downtown LA and out to Santa Monica….Very hip….

“I ride this bus and the 704 up and down Santa Monica Blvd., to City Yoga, to Java Detour, down into Santa Monica, and even to Dodgers games. ¬†For my roommate, whose a So Cal native, what I do is CRAZY! Having grown up on mass public transit in Boston, and learning to feel like a car was a burden, I love me some public transportation.
“I must say that this bus and the 704 has a mix of very interesting characters. Grannies, trannies, backpackers, and crazy people! Most of the time when I only go 2-3 stops and stay within WeHo, there will be some crazy looking grannies and trannies. I know it’s totally politically incorrect of me to say this, but when a man trans to a woman, I really think she should get fashion/makeup lessons. This one time after yoga, I waited at the bus stop with a very tall M to F, who was wearing some leopard print, clunky biker boots, and a man’s black overcoat, with some chandelier gold earrings, really long nails painted hot pink, and her make up… oh my… her make up reminded me of the scary dude from Silence of the Lambs. You know that scene where he’s putting on lipstick all over his lips and face and saying, “F*ck me.” OMG, when i see these ladies, I really want to talk with them about the art of make up. Perhaps even suggest they go to Muse Atelier and pay Atticus a visit.

“Don’t mess with the Russian immigrant grannies either. They hock loogies and spit with some serious distance.

“And of course there’s the plain crazy people who talk to themselves and no one and everyone all at once.

“And then there are the Japanese and European backpackers who just look completely shocked.

“The other day I got in a conversation with an ex-con, a 2nd striker. One more, and he told me he’s going off to the clink for life. He was really nice, and we had some good conversation about baseball.

“I really do love taking public transit. You meet some amazing people from everywhere. It’s just too bad that sometimes the bus is in bad need of some clean up inside. The best part is that I only fill my gas tank about once a month now, and I pay $50 for 3 months of a bus pass. Love it!

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