The Snake River

As I travel the country, I’ve been attempting to see the major rivers of this country.

Late this past winter, I was up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, through which runs the beautiful Snake River. This was just before the snow melted.

Hope you like this video.


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  1. Joanne (Schrimpf)

    Today I am catching up on your blog & I enjoyed seeing the magnificent Snake River. Stephen Ambrose’s book Undaunted Courage described Lewis’ & Clark’s exploration of the Snake as it went through Idaho. Some weird cosmic confluences must have moved me to your site, today. On this date,10-13-1805, Lewis & Clark journal entry was about the Snake, a river of “rugid rocks”, “in every derection”. More weirdness, Stephen Ambrose died on 10-13-2002.
    Keep on exploring those rivers!!


    gorgeous! thanks for sharing

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