One Mother

On Facebook, I read the simple account – I’ve broken it out into four lines – from a mother from Kentucky. I’ve posted her story, and then the comments that followed:

I lost my son in August,

and my Daughter day after thanksgiving

the only two children I had

oh it’s so hard.


I have no words. I’m sorry just doesn’t seem to be enough. May
you find the strength you need to carry you through.

I’m so sorry, I lost 2 sons in three years.if i can help you add me as a friend.hugs

img_4054may God give you the strength to survive the loss of both of your children. Hugs and prayers to you mom

So very sorry for your loss prayers and hugs to sister momma I have lost two sons and no words to heal your pain

We lost my oldest nephew Joe on 7/5/16, it is terrible and sad and I’m so glad for this group. You are not alone sister 💙💙💙💙 sending hugs

Why why do we have to suffer so

God be with you.

There are no words…how can i comfort you…may God give you strength…i a truly hurt for you…my daughter continues to fight the beast…

I am so sorry. Much love to you and those who grieve with you. Praying.

This is incomprehensible and insane to think that “god doesn’t give us more than we can handle” – it’s cruel and unmerciful. I share your pain and fear that I may also lose my only other child, having lost my youngest 10 years ago. Sending hugs and more hugs – and strength for when you need it most.

I lost my son I could never imagine the thought of losing another. Hugs and prayers your wayimg_3991

I am so sorry and feel how you feel I lost my son one month ago yesterday my heart has been torn out I don’t know how we’re supposed to go on like this

I lost my only child in 2013, I couldn’t imagine losing 2, and so close together! God bless

My” heart” hurts for you….Don’t know what to say….I lost my son 6-15-16 and the pain is unbearable with one… let along two.I have a daughter on heroin really bad also . I ‘m afraid I’m gonna lose her.

No words for this heartbreak.






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  1. Joan Peters-Gilmartin

    This story is the same in every state of this country. We in MA are are in Heroin Hell that seems never ending. Our Parent Support groups, Families of Loss groups, etc add more names daily and weekly. We have parents that have lost more than one child sometimes within hours or days of each other. I have met many parents who have lost their only child. At some moments I become so overwhelmed that I have to shut down my social media to save myself from hopelessness having lost my own son af term a 13 year battle. We won many battles but we ultimately lost the war when Fentanyl came to MA in January 2014 and our son died that month as one of the first Fentanyl deaths.
    However, we like so many other parents, have done our best to mold our grief into a grenade for action , to fight back, to raise the Purple Flag to draw attention, raise awareness, remove the stigma, step outside the shadows of shame and to lobby passionately for legislative changes and funding to fight back the tide. We are making very slow progress because we have a Congress who likes to talk a lot but seldom takes the next step of providing the real funding needed to respond to the lack of access for treatment, the lack of continuity of care for a chronic disease , a lack of professionals appropriately trained to heal the sick and a lack of compassion for those suffering.
    We have bought at least 10 copies of Dreamland to give as gifts this season to help inform others about the story they don’t know about how we as a nation ended up where we are. Hopefully shedding some light on the subject will help people get to the important action steps. Thank you Sam. God Bless all of those still suffering and we pray for all those parents of Loss who will spend the rest of their lives in recovery from their loss. Please DO NOT lose hope. We know how difficult these holidays can be for everyone and I have spoken to mNy parents who think that they can not make it through, but trust that you will and find gratitude for what and whom you do have in your life.

    • samquinones

      Thanks so much for this kind note, Joan. Very sorry about your son. But I appreciate the good strong words for parents struggling with this torment….Sam

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