Cab Calloway High School

Tomorrow (Thursday) I’ll be speaking at Cab Calloway High School of the Arts in Wilmington, Delaware.

The speech is open to the public and I’ll be talking about opiate addiction, America and Dreamland. Delaware, like so many parts of the country, is awash in opiate addiction and all its consequences.

But I love the idea that the school is named for Cab Calloway, an orchestra leader I’ve loved since I was a kid and first heard “Minnie the Moocher” (I was in junior high, I think). Here he is with the Nicholas Brothers, stunning tap dancers.

The school’s first board president was his daughter, Cabella Calloway. He had moved to Delaware shortly before the school was founded in 1992 and was involved in its formation before his death in 1994.

By the way, the school’s marching band has won the championship in its area six of the last seven years. Nice! Next Sunday, they’re in Hershey PA competing in the Atlantic Coast Tournament of Bands.

Good luck to the Cab Calloway High School Marching Band! A name like that, you better win! How could you not?

I’d love to see a marching band named for Cab Calloway.


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  1. Kristal

    YYoushould come to arcata ca we need awearness here!!

  2. Sam, c’mon back and see Cab’s band or even a show. These kids are really talented.

  3. Kyle Fortson

    Hey Sammy,

    That’s one of my favorite film scenes of all time! I have grew up watching Cab Callaway, “and” the Nicholas Brothers, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Lena Horne, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and on and on… too many more to mention. It is pleasing to know that one of my favorite contemporaries, appreciates them as well.

    Good to see that you continue to do well.

    Take care, old friend.

    Kyle Fortson

    • samquinones

      Great to hear from you, Kyle!….I first heard Minnie the Moocher in 1967, when I was like 9, and that was it. Cab was always cool after that.

  4. Kathy

    Heidi Heidi Heidi Ho. I love Cab Calloway!

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