“My father went to a pain doctor…”

I received this note from a reader. I print it here as it came over the transom, though a few things were added at my prodding, wanting to know more. Has a feel like a beat poem somehow, just one long run-on sentence of how addiction comes to those aren’t looking for it.

No one in this reader’s family was on drugs before “my father went to a pain doctor.”



Hi I know you get alot of people asking you things I think what your doing is great IMG_4113my father went to a pain doctor in Ohio and he was getting 224 80mlg oxy take four four times a day plus perk 15 I dont know the dose on them he was a drywaller and I have a old bottle so ppl wouldnt think I was crazy when I tell them what he got he would go every two weeks to pick up I just now am realizing how bad that was for him when u have a family of addicts and myself feel into that same pattern you dont wake up and do homework till ur own mind is right

when he got them thats when everyone got bad bc he got so many my mother and sister got them handed to them when he was alive I didnt do anything I did after the fact

he ended up passing Oct 2010 due to finally trying to use a needle to inject those pills and getting a blood infection my mother still is on dope and my sister was and has been clean for almost three years now I was did buy pills and dope on street for three years after my dad passed I then back in 2014 put myself in the Methadone clinic till Jan 28th 2016 in South Eastern Indiana I have been clean since and wanted to say we live in Tri State of Cincinnati and its bad in this 275 loop and see you came very close to NKY to speak I hope to see u when u come back but wanted to tell my past and I always thought for my dad that was way to much a Dr was giving a man who just had back problems thank you


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  1. Diane Saxtom

    Have often wondered where these “doctors” ended up in the scheme of things
    and how many lost licenses, and/or received prison sentences. We never hear about who they were. Why is that info never divulged?
    I feel the “Vanishing Woman” series is not effective in portraying the problem we have here–what do you think Sam?

    • samquinones

      Thanks for writing, Diane. Actually, i seem to get press releases relatively often of docs being prosecuted. there are a bunch of bad apples. But i also have to say, to add some balance to this post, that the very vast lion’s share of doctors do not fall into that category. they are people who want to do the right thing, want to help patients. They simply find themselves in a system that pushes them to prescribe opiates for pain. Most of all, it’s quick and doctors have so little time. Prescribing pills is easy, and pain treatment is so complicated, so individual. Plus – very important – we as consumers of health care push this, wanting doctors to fix us magically, without changing our own behavior that harms us: no exercise, poor diet, smoking, etc etc…..

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