True Tales From Another Mexico – at 15

Fifteen years ago this week, my first book, True Tales from Another Mexico, was released, just as George Bush was about to make his first trip abroad – to Mexico, governed by its new, duly elected president, Vicente Fox.
I remember not really being able to absorb the idea that I’d actually written a book. Over the years, it sold only well enough to be known as a “cult classic” – a description I like.
I think it remains relevant, largely because of the stories in it: A colony of drag queens, a lynching, Oaxacan indian basketball players, the section of the Mexican Congress then known as “The Bronx,” pistoleros, telenovela queens, the Paleteria La Michoacana popsicle makers, the slum boss known as La Loba and her Chippendale dancers, and Chalino Sanchez, the late, great narcocorrido singer.
It’s still for sale, and is now on Kindle. … Hope you like it…. 🙂



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  1. Viva! It is indeed a classic in the literature on Mexico. A rich, rich read. I am looking forward to whatever it is you publish next.

  2. Jim Creechan

    Deserves to be much more than a “cult classic”. It’s a book that captures the “carne y hueso” (meat and bones, the soul) of Mexico. Hopefully the Kindle version has managed to represent the great picture of Chalino Sanchez…

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