DREAMLAND … in two weeks

Two weeks from today, my third book, Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic (Bloomsbury Press), is officially Dreamland-HCBigreleased.

The story of this epidemic involves shoelaces, rebar, Levi’s 501s, cellphones, football, Walmart, American prosperity, with marketing, with Mexican poverty and social competition, and with the biggest swimming pool in the US and what happened when that was destroyed.

It’s about the marketing of prescription pills as a solution to pain of all kinds, and about a small town in Mexico where young men have devised a system for retailing heroin across America like it was pizza.

The tale took me from Appalachia to suburbs in Southern California, into one of the biggest drug-abuse stories of our time – and one of the quietest, and whitest as well.

Until April 21, you can buy the book presale, at a discount, at Amazon here … or at Barnes & Noble here.

It’s been a long haul, and I thank the many people I met and spoke to along the way as I put together this American saga.

Hope you like it.


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6 Responses to DREAMLAND … in two weeks

  1. Stephanie Dangott

    I got my signed copy at the Festival of Books on Sunday. Great panel of authors.
    Anyway, finished the book today and mind blown! There are so many great elements. I am currently going over the concept that people need to learn how to do things and make mistakes as a part of growing up and maturing. (As you wrote towards the later part of the book in reference to parents who gave their kids all the material stuff and became surprised when they became addicted to heroin.) So glad I stuck around for this panel and have my own copy of Dreamland. I also remember your series from the Los Angeles Times.

    • samquinones

      Stephanie – thanks so much for your note. I’m thrilled you liked the book. I’m glad also you perceived an essential part of this story…..Cheers, Sam

  2. they talk about us like we are low life’s but without no help to get help unless you get in trouble and taxpayers pay for it!!! Thanks to my man for helping me and hands of hope!!

  3. Congratulations, Sam! An important contribution. I just pre-ordered a Kindle version of it. Good luck with sales and exposure!

  4. Ellen Taylor

    Will Claremont be featured – or, at least, mentioned?

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