Faustino Diaz: Trombone master from Oaxaca in L.A.

Faustino Diaz, the Oaxacan trombone master, returns to Los Angeles this weekend for a concert at the Ukrainian Hall, 4315 Melrose Ave., this Sunday at 2 p.m.

Diaz thrilled Mexico last year when he won the International Trombone Competition in South Korea.1511733_908562385837387_4934257276349175473_n

A few days later he visited the Pico-Union District and the music school run by director Estanislao Maqueos, who has used his school to organize Oaxacan youth orchestras.

There, I had the chance to sit down and talk with him about his life, and having to venture out into the world to find his music like a migrant finds a future.

The interview is above and in Spanish.

Check out the concert. Should be good.


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2 Responses to Faustino Diaz: Trombone master from Oaxaca in L.A.

  1. Ellen Clark

    Good interview that you can listen to as u drive as it is long. Evolution from a regional banda musician frm Oaxaca to a world renown classical trombonist. Enjoy

    • Cliff

      What a great interview! I just heard Faustino for the first time this evening in a livestream concert from Bellas Artes. Ridiculously versatile and talented musician, and judging by the interview, I’d say a wonderful human being as well. Thank you Mr. Quinones for sharing this moving story.

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