Bulletproof Burial Ground – the Narco Tombs of Culiacan

I made this video recently when I was in Culiacan, Sinaloa, where I walked the grounds of Jardines del Humaya, the cemetery that is the final resting place of dozens of legendary drug traffickers.

It looks like a mini-Beverly Hills. Some of the tombs have air conditioning, barbecue grills, sound systems, even bulletproof glass. A few are the size of a house or two near where I live.

Immigrant village cemetery

Immigrant village cemetery, Michoacan

One had a long banner to a fallen, presumably murdered, brother, swearing to him, “There’s no truce.” (No hay tregua.)

I’ve seen much smaller versions of this in immigrant villages. One thing immigrants do with their dollars is build larger burial places. They do away with the iron crosses of their poverty and build themselves sepulchers with a statue of Jesus or the Virgin, maybe an open bible in stone.

But these are modest in comparison to the Jardines del Humaya.

Strange, excessive, lurid. I felt as if dropped into some foreign kingdom. These are the new Pharoahs.

I made this video with the help of my anonymous guide. I hope you like it. Feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel – True Tales Video.



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5 Responses to Bulletproof Burial Ground – the Narco Tombs of Culiacan

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  2. cristina

    just incredible. it explains how a narco trafficante sees things going down — you die, but you live on, in a way, in a splendid monument para siempre. wow. quite the video. surprising architecture!

  3. Christine Whittington

    Yes, I do very much like the video. I had no idea these existed. I see what looks like altars in some of the shots. Is there a Sant(issima) Muerte presence in Jardines del Humaya? The structures look for more imposing and monumental than what one associates with a shrine to Santa Muerte or Jesus Malverde, or even monuments that are found in most cemeteries.

    Thank you so much for filming and posting the video.

    Christine Whittington

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