Escuinapa, Sinaloa – town of bicycles and mangos

I’m just back from Mexico where I spent a few days in the town of Escuinapa.

Escuinapa is in Sinaloa – a state with a heavy burden caused by the drug war and the fearsome cartel that bears the state’s name.

Here’s a video I made with an alternative view of the area. (I’m loving working video for another kind of storytelling, though clearly I’m still a technical babe in arms. Feel free to subscribe to my video channel, True Tales Video.)

I spoke there at a tourism conclave.

It was great to return to Mexico these last few days. I hope to go back a lot more now that I’m no longer with the LA Times.

I was also in Mazatlan, also in Sinaloa, and a couple hours away. Mazatlan is my favorite Mexican resort town, largely because along with spectacular beaches, there’s actually a city with real life going on. Its Old Town is one of the nicest in all of Mexico, and it’s hard to beat the pulmonias (golf cart taxis) as a mode of transportation.

More from there later.

But I was very happy to help present the new book by my friend, Arturo Santamaria, the sociologist who introduced me to the topic of beauty queens in Mazatlan.

De Carnaval, Reinas y Narc0 is about how beauty queens, beauty contests and drug trafficking all work together in Mazatlan and in Sinaloa.

Great stuff. Weird and wonderful stories.


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11 Responses to Escuinapa, Sinaloa – town of bicycles and mangos

  1. muy bueno el visual.
    te comparto un oleo representativo de las crónicas visuales de Escuinapa
    y el texto que fortalece la historia de este vehículo representativo de escuinapa

  2. Amalia moreno

    Me gusto mucho Sam, gracias por tu interes por mi pais, y por dar un enfoque diferente de la gente comun y corriente y de la vida simple y fresca de algunos pueblos…

  3. John Pelafigue

    I would love to tell those two guys the Mexican mangoes are the only ones I’ll buy. All the good things that come from Ecuador, they can’t touch Mexican mangoes for flavor. “go into the orchard, pick all you want!” Hot Damn!

  4. LA

    I REALLY liked that you didn’t put music over the video. Almost everybody does it and it’s so obnoxious because you can’t hear the ambient sounds of the place. Yay for roosters and no music!

  5. Ernesto Rivera

    Felicidades! Me gusta mucho el video y bienvenidos a Escuinapa!

  6. Anni Alvarado

    Thank you Sam for this! You really found “the true story behind the story” This must to be seen and shared by the world.
    Gracias por los consejos, tienes tu casa por acá, un placer señorón.

  7. Jesse D

    This video is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Not because I like your work and your style, but I like the simplicity of how you report and give us viewers/readers room to entertain our own thoughts and opinions. I was wondering what kind of camera did you use

    • samquinones

      thanks Jesse. glad you liked it. I shot it all on my smartphone, Samsung Galaxy 4. really amazing the resolution quality phones can achieve these days.

  8. Andrea Harrington

    Beautiful, both the visuals and the audio. Roosters!

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