TELL YOUR TRUE TALE: the first book … East LA

TYTT draft cover JPEGI couldn’t be more proud to announce the first Tell Your True Tale book — now available on ($5.39 for paperback).

The book is a collection of nonfiction stories produced by writers in my TYTT workshop at East LA Public Library in its Chicano Resource Center over the last couple months.

The stories by seven first-time authors — of braceros, mariachis, bus riders and vets — are tremendous, and reflect ELA in a way that I think is profound.

(The book is also available on Kindle through Amazon, for $1.99.)

Tell Your True Tale, for those who don’t know, is my writing workshop, which I’ve given at several schools and colleges. The ELA workshop was the first outside a classroom. TYTT aims to get new writers working on stories about their own lives, or the stories of those close to them. Stories that are true but read like fiction are the goal.

So please take a moment to check out the book, buy it in the form you prefer, and share it with others.

I think you’ll be taken with what you read.

Btw, you can see other stories I’ve cajoled writers from across the country to submit by going to my Tell Your True Tale page at my website,

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