LOS ANGELES: The Virgin of the Carniceria


Okay, this is actually in Long Beach.

Was driving down Long Beach Boulevard and spotted her and pulled over.

Just part of my ceaseless efforts to photograph every Virgin of Guadalupe mural in Southern California.


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  1. Flo

    Sounds like a book. Or an LA Times photo essay.

  2. Margaret Hangan

    You really should post your Virgin Mary photo collection sometime. Are you gathering back stories on them? Are some of the murals done as a “monda” ie as a response for a favor from Ms VM herself? Just curious.

    • samquinones

      Margaret — thanks. I’ll be posting more of them here. I’ve been trying to find the artists. Mostly I think businesses put them up as a way of warding off graffiti, as taggers and gang members tend not to want to offend the Jefa. Up to now, I’ve popped in to shoot the photo quickly, as I’m usually in a huge hurry. I’ll try to find some time to get the business to tell me the back story. Don’t know why I haven’t done that up to now, other than the time constraints.

  3. samquinones

    I know the restaurant. I’ll check out the alley next time I’m in the area.

  4. Jesse D.

    When you travel thru the pico union area, there’s an alley behind Lucy’s resturant on pico and union. There you will find a Virgen Mary painted in 1988 and still there with numerous names around it in old English. The significance of this wall. Is that every name on it is in honor of rival gang members in the area that have passed away because of gang violence. I am following your Virgen Mary photos.

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