TELL YOUR TRUE TALE — 2 new stories you’d be crazy to miss!

Tell Your True Tale

I’ve posted two new stories at Tell Your True Tale, my storytelling website.

David Chittenden chimes in with “Billy Joe, Where Are You?”

Monah Li gives us a story from her battles with bulimia in “Beauty and the Lonely Feast.”

These are the second stories for both authors to appear on the ether of TYTT.

As with most TYTT stories, these are not to be missed!

And as always, I’m eager to look at more submissions, so send em on in. You know you want to!

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  1. Bob Gaebler

    So, Sam! The LA Times will be less interesting, but it still has 1973 Barrington Hall resident Robin Abcarian doing an editorial, every couple of days, so I have to check it out, I suppose.

    Her columns aren’t just total smack, either, including one, about Mick Jagger’s gf committing suicide.

    I don’t suppose you ever wrote, about Snowden’s revelations being just the tip, of a nasty iceberg, did you?

    In Fall 1973, future LA Times columnist Robin came up to me and my gf, Toni Ratner, before class, at CAL, to share an interesting story, about how the Stones were duping my playing, similar, to Pete Roscoe’s 1989 story, at his Dad’s house, in San Anselmo, when he revealed he knew the Stones were duping my playing, since 1971, and his Mom’s BGP job, then ended may conflict, so he chickened out, on all bass-playing, with me.

    That should have been exposed, by some reporter, since TV people came up, with a Nixon out-take, to a reporter and a Sinatra out-take, to Bono, wherein the famous persons mentioned my name, re ripps, by punk music, inc. right before the famous people died.

    AC-ZZ duped every note I played, including from unplugged, at Barrington Hall. That Snowden-Drake-Kiriaku problem won’t go away, will it, especially since Ellsberg has no clue, why Nixon bugged the Watergate.

    It turns out, LBJ set the CIA, on all of us, and Robin’s Barrington bf, Jack Anthony Kolk found out, from his brother, how he had a CIA file.

    Nixon maxed that out, on CAL, and every last note I played, on guitar was microwaved, MIDId, and over-produced, by turdburglar corporate vampires.

    Nixon and Sinatra TV-out-takes exist, re this. Did you know anything?

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