TELL YOUR TRUE TALE: Wasn’t About the Money

A new story up this week on my storytelling page, Tell Your True Tale, is by convicted bank robber Jeffrey Scott Hunter.

Check out Wasn’t About the Money — Jeff’s story of the time he knew his bank robbing was getting out of hand.

Happy to read any story you might want to submit.

And please share it on any social media you might use….

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3 Responses to TELL YOUR TRUE TALE: Wasn’t About the Money

  1. Scott Hunter

    Hello Sam,
    I am Jeffrey Scott Hunters brother. Jeff sent me a letter saying a blogger for Huffpost crime named Will wanted to pursue some options with True Tales and Jeffrey. Do you know about this? How can we move forward with this? Jeffrey has more stories written.
    Please let me know how to move forward. Jeffrey has spent the last 21 years behind bars and has only 5 to go. Moving forward with his writings gives him a positive future to look forward to. Any help you can provide will greatly be appreciated.
    THANK YOU for your consideration,
    Scott A. Hunter

    • samquinones

      Scott — That fellow Will no longer works at HP. I’ve emailed a few others over there and not received any word back. Not sure what they had planned, or why Will Left….I’m busy at the moment, but when I’m done with another project I’m working on I’ll try to get back at them.

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