MEXICO: Homeless World Cup

Mexico City photographer Keith Dannemiller has some great shots of the Homeless World Cup soccer tournament.

Great idea — forming soccer teams made up of folks who are homeless, or socially/economically marginalized, and bringing them all together to compete in a soccer tournament, this the 10th annual.

On Facebook, Keith writes of some of the people he met:

“Like Ikram Moukhlis, a young Muslim woman who lives in a women’s shelter in Tangiers, Morocco. I know about 5 phrases in Arabic, she speaks no English or Spanish, but somehow we connected and I was proud of the photos I made of her. This trip to Mexico was the first time in her life to be on a plane. And then, Mauva Hunte-Bowlby, playing for England, who has been, until just recently, ‘sofa-surfing’ in London. Ms. Hunte-Bowlby is 52, and a grandmother twice over.”

Great story, fascinating event….check out Keith’s shots.


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2 Responses to MEXICO: Homeless World Cup

  1. Sam,
    Nice to know that you’ve added this photos from Keith. I’m in L.A. and
    I was able to go as well. This was my second homeless world cup, went to the one in Brazil two years ago. The whole event was beautiful, still haven’t added
    my pics and videos to my blog but if you are interested in learning more about the homeless world cup let me know. There is a street soccer team in L.A.

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