LOS ANGELES: Chinese USC students killed

Today’s story was of the two USC engineering students from China shot to death on a street in the West Adams district early Wednesday.

The area is a mix of old two-story elegant wood-frame homes, which I’m tempted to call Craftsmans though I don’t think they officially are, and 1980s dingbat apartments — the kind that look like they’re up on stilts, with poles/carports underneath, no open space, and which almost always lead to a degradation of a neighborhood, at least in LA.

USC students, mostly from abroad, and Latino workers in L.A.’s service industries live in the area.

Police seem to have very little on the crime. Could be a carjacking, or a straight-up robbery. A crime of passion?

I worked with Rosanna Xia, a Times colleague who speaks Chinese and did really great work. Chinese, English, Spanish — the three languages of the 21st Century, at least for this part of the world.



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