LOS ANGELES: Dwayne Alexander

I spent yesterday on the story of Dwayne Alexander, the counselor at the Los Angeles Job Corps who was stabbed to death Wednesday by one of the students at the center.

I was struck by how his friends, some from years ago, spoke about him, and overwhelmed because of that, as the day went on, by what a sweet and solid guy he must have been in life. They described him as “a gentle soul” and “a very kind spirit,” rarely angry and never a braggart. These would be rare qualities, I suspect, in the world of record label promotion, which is where he spent much of his career. I suspect also that they would have been enormously helpful as a job counselor for youths on the edge.

He seemed also the kind of guy who had a long-term goal — screenwriting and production — that was his guiding compass. No matter what he did, he was headed that way.

But he interrupted it all to go back home to Tulsa to help his mother recover from double knee-replacement surgery a few years back.

“People say the good die young,” R&B singer Millie Jackson told me, “and this was a totally good example of that.”




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  1. Dwayne Alexander my friend for over 30 years, went back to Cali to work on his film career. (writer of screenplays) Somehow, he managed to become a mentor at Job Corps; where his soul encountered something very evil – a compromised young adult – who would wind up securing Dwayne’s Corporal Demise.
    My beautiful sister Pamela, left here in a similar fashion 27 stab wounds)
    If you knew Dwayne like I, and many others, you’d know he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He had that Oklahoma upbringing, a niceness that many were immediately attracted to. (which is why I took him under my wing during that Billboard Era, and introduced the Temp to the MUSIC BIZ) His personality was always comfortable.
    It’s time 4 people 2 realize there’s a generation yearning to be saved. One that included the nutcase who took a knife to my friend Dwayne Alexander, a SOUL who was there to MENTOR.
    One Prescription I prescribe: Change the MUSIC….CHANGE THE CULTURE. It’s about that time. DWAYNE IS NOW IN SPIRIT…….a wonderful place to be when you lived like DWAYNE ALEXANDER: a giving soul while he was here. Your Friend, GREG RILES

  2. Ruby Morain

    Dear friend. It was because of your trip home to take care of your mother that I got a chance to meet. However I feel like I have known you for years. You taught me much about writing, about life. I will be a better screen writer/writer because I took your class. I am so happy that I worked with you on editing those short film project. It gave us time to get to know each other more, to bounce around ideas, to talk about like. You were there for me soon after my mom died and helped me heal your loving soul wrapped me up. I know that you were in the service of love that day in your office. Forgive me if I am a sad that you are not in the flesh with us. You have been/will always be a dear friend.

  3. Toni

    Dwayne was my best friend, he was sweet, understanding, had a great (big) heart and he loved his family, his Mom (Mamma) was his rock. Dwayne was always lookng out for someone else before he would look out for himself, doesnt that right there tell you what kind of a person he was.
    He was taken from all of us too soon but guess what, God needed more Angels to do other things for him, Dwaynes happens to be that Angel.
    I love him for what he has imbedded into my soul.
    He is misssed and loved very much. There will never be another like him….
    PEACE baby, I love you…..

  4. John Johnson

    Dwayne and I were best friends since 1985 and all I can do is echo what everyone has been saying about him, that he was a great guy and a gentle soul. Like everyone, I was shocked to get the call from his cousin that night with the horrible news of his death. Though he is no longer here in the flesh, all the good things that he had accomplished in his life and all the things that he has done for me and so many others will live on as a testament to the man that he was. It was a blessing to have had him in my life and I will forever cherish our friendship.

  5. Donald

    Mr. Quinones,
    I write this with a heavy heart,but a grateful spirit for your wonderful blog and your cover story on my dear friend Dwayne Alexander..,I’m in total shock that this wonderful man was taken away for us…Dwayne was a kind and thoughtful person, and I so glad that i got a chance to spend some with him over brunch at the Abby last year….He was a wonderful writer, film, music producer.. but most important Dwayne was a great son to his mother and totaly loyal to his family and friends… He will be miss.. Rest in peace,my friend….And again thank you ,Mr.Quinones for putting a human face to a very human & humble man.

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