TELL YOUR TRUE TALE: My First Armed Robbery

This week on my storytelling website, TELL YOUR TRUE TALE, check out the very cool story by Jeffrey Scott Hunter, on how he came to commit his first bank robbery.

That led to others and they in turn led to Mr. Hunter’s incarceration for 29 years.

I love the chaotic feel to the story, the details, and even the language he uses. I always think that’s crucial to a story — the language and details often just exude a sense of what the story is about.

Let me know what you think after reading the piece:


I’ll be linking to more stories from TYTT. I happily consider all submissions, though please keep in mind that I can’t pay anything and this is a site for true storytelling — not memoir, fiction, or op-ed. I do edit, though, so feel free to send along that story you’ve always meant to write. No time like the present to get it done and get it up for people to read.




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